Text 21 Jan 4 notes Understanding The Status Of Women In Islam

There is lot said and written about the status of women in the entire world. The Islamic dress for women is to wear Hijaab. However, the unfortunate thing is that it is cited as a sign of suppression of women among the views of Muslims.

Status of Women before the Advent of Islam:

Before the arrival of Islam, women were not treated in a right manner. They were denied of their basic rights at that time. It is only the religion Islam that provided the proper rights to all women.

The Greek Civilization:

During the period of Greek civilization, women were treated very inferior as compared to men. They were engaged in various non desirable activities.

Roman Civilization:

In the Roman time period, there was so much ignorance in a way that a man had the right to take the life of his wife.

Pre-Islamic Arabia:

It was a very common practice that the male child was given proper treatment and bought up properly, while the female children were buried alive. The religion Islam did not disgrace women, rather it gave women the proper status and honor.

The significance of upbringing of girls can be well understood from the following hadith of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). As it is said by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

“Whoever looks after two girls till they reach maturity, he and I will enter Paradise together like these two (fingers).”

Status of Women in Islam:

In the religion Islam, women are very encouraged to contribute and speak about their opinions and ideas. Holy Quran has also spoken about the status of women in Islam. If you Learn Quran, you will be able to better understand about the status of women in Islam. There are various traditions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that indicate that women used to pose questions to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and then asked for his opinions regarding the economic and social matters.

Modesty and Islam:

Holy Quran has always prescribed Hijaab for women because it makes them a modest woman. The ideas of Western world about the liberation of women are only a form of disguise. Western society has always claimed of uplifting women but in fact, it has degraded them of their true status.


Although various cultures have spoken about the rights of women, but the fact is that it is only the religion Islam who has provided and established the rights of women in a way that can help them in living their life in a peaceful manner.

Text 21 Jan 1 note The Role Of Men With Regards To Women in Islam

The role of men and women has always been a topic of debate in various societies. Some believe in equality, while the others consider men superior to women and for them women are mere subjects of men. The Islamic system offers the best role categorization of men.


In Islam, men are given the upper hand on women; however, this impression is greatly taken wrong in the world today. The online Quran teaching service providers now help develop an understanding of Quran to their students, especially pertaining to the roles of men and women. The Quran understanding shows that the superiority men have over women comes with a great deal of responsibility.

In Quran Allah Almighty says:

“Men are in charge of women by (right of) what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend (for maintenance) from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in (the husband’s) absence what Allah would have them guard.” (4:34)

This ayah of Quran shows that men are made in charge of women, thus the running of house in terms of earning the bread is the responsibility of men. Moreover, besides earning of bread, men are the ones who are supposed to provide protection to women. Thus, it is not true that men are just meant to rule them; rather the superiority comes with responsibility.

Allah Almighty enforces the same aspect in the following verse of Quran as well:

“But the men have a degree over them (in responsibility and authority). And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.” (2:228)

In this ayah, Allah Almighty says that although men have a degree over women, but this degree does not come with authority only, where men can do whatever to women, rather, the degree comes with responsibility as well, where men are responsible for their women in every regard.

Thus, although man is superior to woman in Islam, but man is responsible for woman, whether he is a father, a husband, a son or a brother. In every situation, men are to take care and provide for the women that are associated with them.

Text 15 Jan 2 notes The Importance of Modesty In Islam And Its Major Features

Islam is a religion of harmony and peace, and it gives the same message to its followers. Another message which Islam preaches greatly is of modesty. In Islam a person who is modest has better chances of being close to Allah Almighty compared to a person who does not feel any shame or does the forbidden acts.


Every true Muslim who follows the preaching of Islam, learns Quran whether by visiting an academy or by joining an online Quran learning program, sits in the company of good people is bound to feel shame in doing the wrong things. Regarding shame, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“One of the admonitions of the previous prophets which has been conveyed to people is that if you have no shame, you can do whatever you wish.” (Bukhari)

In this hadith of Prophet (PBUH) it is clear that a person who does not feel any shame on any of his act is free to do whatever he or she wishes to do. A shameless person does not feel any shame in front of Allah, so no matter whatever course the person takes it makes no difference. Thus, this hadith implies the fact that a Muslim needs to be modest and timid so that his action receive value in the court of Allah Almighty.

There are certain features of modesty a few of which are given below:

·         Modesty is the most important attribute associated with virtuous and pious people and the laws preached by all the Prophets enforced modesty.

·         It is one of the perfect states to be in that a person can desire and a characteristic worthy of being attained.

·         It is a representative of faith and brings good to the people that hold it.

·         Modesty has its opposites in the form of shamelessness and indecency.

·         A modest person will have no relation with indecency and his modesty shows his faith.

·         Modesty makes the nature of a person more beautiful and makes a person a refined Muslim.

In In short, if a person wishes that Allah Almighty should be concerned about his deeds, then he needs to be modest and feel shame in committing an act that is not allowed in Islam thus refraining from it due to shame.

Text 17 Dec Circumcision And Its Importance Among Muslims and Islam

Every religion has its certain set of instructions and features that make it different and distinct from other religions. Although all the instructions of Islam are unmatchable by any other religion, however, there are some features that make Islam and Muslims different from other religion and their followers. One such feature is circumcision.

In Islam, the boys are supposed to be circumcised. Although it is not an obligation from Quran, but Prophet (PBUH) emphasized on its importance, therefore, it is as imperative as it be mentioned in Quran. Abu Hurayra narrates, that Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Five things are fitrah: circumcision, shaving pubic hair with a razor, trimming the moustache, paring one’s nails and plucking the hair from one’s armpits.” (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

Fitrah are the things that are considered of a refined person, therefore, having one self circumcised is an act of refinement and purity as per the hadith.

Majority of Muslims undergo circumcision or have their children undergo it primarily because of the Saying of Prophet (PBUH) and secondly it is believed that circumcision brings more cleanliness. As for prayers, a Muslim needs to be void of any impurity, however, with foreskin, it becomes difficult to clean the penis after urinating. On the other hand, a circumcised penis is easy to clean.

As far as the age of circumcision is concerned, it varies from culture to culture. In different parts of the world boys are circumcised when they are 7 years old, while in some countries they are circumcised on the seventh day after their birth. Therefore, there is no age compulsion regarding circumcision however, the earlier the better.

In some countries, it was a tradition to have the new entrants to Islam circumcised. However, the tradition does not prevail anymore, as it may carry health concerns. Thus, Muslims do circumcision primarily because it’s the recommendation of Prophet (PBUH) and secondly because it helps them stay clean and refine.

QuranReading is a website that provides Holy Quran online tutoring service. Besides this primary service, Quranreading.com also educates Muslims about issues discussed by Islam such as circumcision.

Text 27 Nov A Guide To Remove Your Unwanted Hair

Healthy and dense hair is an essential component of charming and confident personality. However, hair sometimes also grows on those parts of the body where they are not required at all and can cause irritation especially for women. Unfortunately, people inflict more harm to themselves while removing unwanted air employing wrong techniques of hair removal. Some of the mistakes committed by people are discussed below.

Irregular exfoliating:

The battle against unwanted hair is a tough one and needs to be fought strategically. Unwanted hair appears because they are trapped by skin cells or grow under the skin. Shaving or waxing can also results in broken hair which is actually more appalling. The best solution to this problem is that you need to exfoliate your skin properly and regularly. Exfoliation removes the dead cells from your skin and makes hair removal much easier and comfortable.

Frequent waxing:

Do not shave your leg and arm hair daily applying different waxes. Hair should be at least half inch in length before your try to remove them. Daily waxing will make your skin rough and ugly. So wait for at least four months for next removal to have a smooth, white and beautiful skin.

Waxing at home:

Waxing is easy and can be done at home but you need to use hot wax and should stretch your skin before stripping hair of your body. Otherwise improper shave will result in uneven hair and injuries. So it is recommended to go to a professional parlor for hair removal.

Use of hot water:

Never ever use hot water to shave your hair no matter how tempting it seems to be. Warm water opens the pours of the skin and makes it difficult to have a proper and smooth shave.


There are no hard and fast rules to remove your unwanted hair. You need to keep above matters in mind and refrain from any activity that damages your skin. You can use hair removing creams available in market or can use growth hormones (HGH). There are many benefits of HGH Human Growth Hormone and they can help to fight against different abnormalities in the body. However, you need to consume only required dose of HGH as excess of these hormones can actually increase the production of ingrown hair.


The unwanted hair can really give an obnoxious look to a person and therefore need to be removed. However, while removing undesirable hair you need to take special care of your skin to avoid any damage.

Text 29 Jun Various Aspects Of Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing is little different from other types of business enterprises like mortar and brick marketing through its various structures. The structure of Internet Marketing comprises of various elements like developing various marketing strategies, doing direct and indirect branding marketing, doing traffic analysis, doing evaluation of the sales volume with some of the other elements. Especially, the online internet marketing has its own dynamics and there are some things that need to keep in mind. You should show up on some of the very best pages of various search engine results that are made by the Online users. Its fast development is combined with the minds of Internet geniuses and webmasters, it also paved ways for the innovation that changed the way you are residing in your planet.

This is the most effective marketing strategy that is utilized in the online based business. In this case, you are receiving the negative results and there is not any need for changing your approach. It should provide the long-term focus, which means that earning money is not only for today but it is for future also. It is very easy to promote products and services that are quite well known towards public than the branded ones. There are lots of offline and online marketing programs and courses that are offered.

Alongwith the course, there are many guidelines that include various strategies regarding the anticipation of moves of competitors. Online Marketing is a fast growing market and there is a lot of competition among these marketers. Some of the owners run their own affiliate marketing programs while some use the services of third party that are provided by some of the intermediaries.

Text 11 Jun Benefits Of Learning From A Good Teacher

It is always better that you learn from a teacher, because he can provide you with the proper guidance. There are lots of benefits of studying from a good Quran Teacher, which are:

1) Getting Sound Understanding:

You will get a much better understanding by learning through a professional Quran Teacher. Getting and acquiring the religion knowledge is of great importance and you must not limit yourself for just acquiring the knowledge of books. A teacher can test the skills of a person and then after pointing out mistake, he corrects and verifies it.

2) Developing Correct Understanding:

In order to get correct understanding of any item or idea, you should not only rely on the knowledge of books, because most of the time, these books contain false arguments; miss most of the detail and terminologies. Therefore, for holy Quran reading you must hire a good teacher to have better understanding of its terminology.

3) Making Correct Progress:

It is vital to make progress in the right direction. If you do not have the right idea for acquiring the right knowledge and how to get to the right path of learning, then you must hire a professional teacher.

4) Proper application of Knowledge:

It is better to know about the content and the ways for applying the theoretical knowledge. Not each and every person is able to apply it.

5) Learning humility and Adab:

It is necessary to submit oneself for getting better understanding of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and learn about the Adab for getting knowledge.

6) Following Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H):

It is vital to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who not only taught the teachings of religion Islam, but also followed them by setting the example by himself.

7) Learning good manners from your Teacher:

You can get lots of benefits from your teacher, as you will learn manner and good habits from him.

Text 25 May Sermorelin GHRP 6 To Restore Human Growth Hormone Levels

Sermorelin is a peptide consists of 29 amino acids. Its function is to stimulate pituitary gland to produce more Human Growth Hormone. Sermorelin along with other peptides including GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 are injected to patients having human growth hormone deficiency. These growth hormone releasing peptides stimulate release of human growth hormone at an increasing rate.

                                              sermorelin GHRP-6

To understand the function of sermorelin, it is necessary to understand the task of HGH human growth hormone. These are released from the pituitary gland. These are associated with reproduction and growth of our cells and organs. With age, production of human growth hormone decreases that peaks during puberty and adolescence.

Decline in its levels results in many problems in the body. Sermorelin, with GHRP-2 and sermorelin GHRP-6, increase human growth hormone production. It is safe and effective treatment.

Sermorelin reverses aging symptoms. Common aging problems are low energy levels, low sex drive, deprived stamina, amplified fat levels, lack of skin elasticity, and reduced mental function.

HGH therapy for men is also much beneficial to restore human growth hormone levels. It regulates human body functions and alleviates symptoms of low human growth hormone levels. Many other HGH products are also available that are helpful to restore its levels. Consult doctor before using these treatments for effective results. 

Text 25 May Link building is the most effective way to bring traffic

After building a successful website, the main focus of website owner is to drive more traffic and get well ranked in search engine ranking. There are a lot of ways through which you can bring traffic to your website and have your goal conversion in terms of revenue. For that purpose, you need to implement an effective internet marketing strategy. This internet marketing could be of many kinds, but the main is search engine optimization because most of the internet users access their required information through search engines, so you have to optimize your website accordingly. An SEO services company may help you in this regard by providing the most appropriate online marketing plan to your respected and particular business or website.


The major activity directly or indirectly in SEO off page techniques is to enhance back links or inbound links which is the most effective way to bring more audience. So we should consider link building services while planning and implementing our internet marketing plan.

Link building is putting and placing your website or web page links on other platforms in order to get more potential traffic to your website. These links are called inbound links through which search engines crawl any website. All you need to do while building back links is to ensure link popularity. It means your link associated with content you are posting to certain place must be relevant, informative, unique, updated, and of good quality. Another tip to make your link building campaign effective is to grow your links gradually and naturally. Avoid link exchange and automatic generated links that could be harmful for you.

Text 15 May An effective Internet marketing campaign can make your business successful

For the success of any business, marketing is an important asset to consider. In the recent times, internet has grown a lot, so as the online businesses. To run an effective business online, you have to focus on internet marketing as well. There are lots of web marketing services that help you in this regard, so you can take advantage by hiring these online marketing services.


You must give special importance to your internet marketing campaign to achieve higher results in this era of competition. Your marketing campaign can be effective if you proper plan your internet marketing strategy. By using search engine optimization in your online marketing campaign, you can achieve distinct results in the search engine ranking. Internet marketing can be of great importance for your business if you handle it properly.

If your website doesn’t come on the higher ranking in the search engine result page, overview your internet marketing campaign, you might need to change your planning. As the updates are coming gradually in the search engines algorithms of ranking the websites, so you have to remain up to date with these changes.

SEO includes PPC marketing, link building, social media optimization, and many other techniques to support your internet marketing campaign. You can enhance the ranking of your web page and can be accessed by most of the people by just running an effective and calculated web marketing campaign using SEO. An affordable SEO service can be the best choice for your online business growth.

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